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About Concrete Finishing Inc.

Concrete Finishing Inc. was established as a corporation in 1981 by Kenneth W. Kahoun, Jr.  We create high-end decorative concrete hardscape on golf courses, commercial projects, resorts, casinos, parks and stadiums.

Some Samples & Types of Concrete Finishes

Concrete Finishing Inc.Exposed Aggregate:
great for walkways, patios, driveways, and bands.
Concrete Finishing Inc.Stained Concrete:
to produce variations from subdued to vibrant colored decorative concrete.
Concrete Finishing Inc.Integral Color:
uses pigments to expand concrete's aesthetic possibilities.
Concrete Finishing Inc.Cracked Earth:
an extremely unique "style" that gives the concrete an old world look.
Concrete Finishing Inc. Sand Finish with Integral Color and Seeded Glass:
an alternative to sand or broom finish that adds an extra decorative twist to the concrete.
Concrete Finishing Inc. Stamped Concrete
Wood Look:

a fancy use of concrete to create a wood, block, etc. look that has the strength of concrete.